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20 years experience working on a range of industries, helping leading brands achieve success

Delivering outstanding Return on Investment

We increased the international patient flow for Angeles Health International by 200%

A proven partner to PLCs

Trusted by Xchanging PLC to deliver outstanding results


Fresh thinking and a commitment to innovative digital marketing.
That is what Bravr is all about.

Bravr (pronounced braver) is a London based boutique digital marketing agency which was founded in 2006. For nearly a decade, we have helped clients ranging from SMEs to PLCs achieve spectacular ROI on their digital marketing activity.

As an agency, we specialise in one core thing; helping our clients achieve outstanding growth, even in the toughest market conditions and competitive landscapes. We achieve this by encouraging our clients to challenge what they think is possible and constantly pushing hard to exceed their stated goals and expectations.

We believe that by doing this, and operating in an open and collaborative way with our clients and partners, we deliver market beating solutions. This ethos runs through everything we do today, from our service offerings, staff ethos, recruitment and dedication to continued learning.

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Ethos and Ethics


Life is too short for work not to be fun. Apart from sleep, it’s what we spend the majority of time doing, so like to make it as enjoyable as possible. We encourage a dynamic and lively work environment within our offices, and like to socialise with our clients as well as just deliver exceptional marketing results. It is our belief that if people enjoy something, they are typically good at it.


We believe that you only get exceptional results if you work hard. It is for this reason that we invest heavily in our staff development. Our team not only have a robust work ethic, but are highly ambitious and enjoy work. We have found our work ethic to be on of Bravr’s critical differentiators and why you’ll find us burning the candle at both ends when needed.


Honesty and transparency are important to us. We believe that integrity and having a strong drive to do the right thing goes hand-in-hand with good business. This dramatically impacts the way we run Bravr, how we support our staff and how we work with clients. While this may seem like an outdated approach to some, we have found strong business ethics never go out of fashion.


At Bravr, we believe in a culture of continuous learning and development. The digital world is constantly evolving, and we always make sure we are a few steps ahead. We heavily invest in our staff by helping them gain professional qualifications and attend relevant events that will aid their career development. We work hard to develop an inquisitive, questioning and knowledge-hungry team.


Time and again, experience has taught us that working together as a team generates better results (and a better environment) than trying to go it alone. Whether that means a quick brainstorm internally, our annual summer offsite trip or regular informal client gatherings, building and maintaining a team ethos is central to everything we do. It’s why we are able to build great relationships with clients.


There are no ivory towers at Bravr. Our management are “in the trenches” with the rest of the team, driving exceptional results. This committed, enthusiastic attitude extends to how we manage accounts and communicate with clients. We don’t position ourselves as a third party service provider, but as a marketing partner, who can be relied upon to deliver outstanding results.

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