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Passion, Effort & Innovation

Bravr (pronounced “bray-ver”) was founded in 2008 by Shahin FardSince then, Bravr has been providing SEO, Paid, Social Media, Website Design, Development and Managed Hosting Services.

Why Bravr?

If you are here, you are probably wondering if Bravr is a good fit for you, your company and your requirements. As an agency we’ve been running since 2008 which is longer than most, and throughout that time we’ve worked with clients across different industries from startups to PLCs.

We enjoy what we do, and we always strive to go above and beyond in the work we deliver. Our strength is in SEO, however naturally our clients have asked us to do more, and our service offerings have increased to include Paid Search, Social Media and Website design and development.

OUR Founder

“That’s me and my family, anyone with a toddler will understand the struggle in trying to take a family photo! 

20+ years ago I started my career at Cheapflights.com and worked there for 8 years in various roles from IT, Web Development, and Online Marketing. When I left Cheapflights I was Head of Online Marketing and Globally responsible for SEO. I was managing several million in Paid Search, and working with multiple agencies globally.

It was a big decision to leave and go agency side, now I’ve been running Bravr Ltd for over ten years working with fantastic clients throughout the years.  

I’ve spoken at conferences on SEO, although it’s not really something I enjoy doing! As well as practicing digital marketing, I teach and train internal teams on digital, mainly SEO and analytics. I help local businesses from my area and on social media groups helping people with less experience with their SEO.  

In terms of my agency, we grew and had multiple offices. For a while, it was great running a bigger team, but with that, there are a lot of challenges and I really missed working directly with clients.  

I made the decision to downsize and be more “boutique” (client’s description of us, not mine!). I now have a much better work/life balance and can spend more time helping clients, which is really what I enjoy doing.  

Also, if I haven’t mentioned it I’m a huge car enthusiast,  I’m that boring guy at the dinner table who talks cars. I spend the little free time I have working on building race cars.” 


Our values are very important to us as a business, they were created by the team, and have been incorporated into everything we do. 


At Bravr, we believe in transparency and servitude. Rather than pursuing the bottom line in a race to turn a profit, we focus on supporting client needs to the best of our abilities, communicating with the upmost clarity and honesty, and only pursuing a project when we’re confident we can succeed on behalf of the client.


Bravr is built around a constant pursuit of knowledge. Digital marketing is a fast-evolving discipline. 

Where possible, Fridays at Bravr is spent working on internal projects and learnings, developing our own skills and expertise, to better support our clients. 

Hard work

We work hard to keep clients happy and to deliver the best service for their budget. With a very hands-on approach, we dedicate 100% of our abilities and passion to produce positive outcomes, help our clients reach the top and beat their competitors.


Bravr employees and clients make up a family of individuals dedicated to supporting one another. We’re selective about who we hire or work for, and work to foster great relationships and goodwill through various efforts, such as our annual summer trip, Christmas party, and informal client gatherings.


Our founder is one of the brightest minds in his respective area, he’s driven to produce the best possible results. By fully supporting and empowering our team, Bravr’s founder ensures great results for every client. When you choose Bravr, you’re adding a true partner dedicated to delivering marketing success.


We operate with complete transparency, and provide clients with as much (or little) information required in the delivery of our digital services.


Since 2010, we've worked with startups to global PLC's across multiple verticals.


What we do, we do well, but don't take our word for it, our clients have shared the following kinds words about us.

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