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About us

Bravr was founded in 2006 by Shahin Fard, the mind behind CheapFlights’ rapid growth. Shahin’s vision was of a marketing agency dedicated to building a culture of hard work, dedication to clients, and innovation. Today, Bravr works with global brands to deliver growth through effective digital marketing.

65 - YoY Increased Visits
SS&C Increased YoY Search Impressions


Our team is dedicated to producing the results you’re looking for, whether that’s a new website, improved search ranking, or new leads for your sales team. At Bravr, we’re proud of the success we’ve created for each of our clients. Notable milestones include:

• Top 3 search ranking for Cheapflights
• 200% patient increase for Angeles International Healthcare
• 30,000 earned social media fans in a week for DJ Steve Daly

We also have specific achievements for clients. Here are just a few click here for more detailed digital marketing case studies:


  • Increased organic search impressions by 120% YoY
  • Increased the number of keywords ranking on the first page by 182%

Trust a Trader

  • Increased number of keywords on the first page by 425%
  • Increased number of organic sessions by 65%


  • 49% increase in SEO traffic from 2011 to 2013
  • 42% increase in SEO conversions from 2012 to 2013
  • 61% of traffic is from SEO, generated 300k visits in 2013
425 - Increased Keywords on 1st Page
Xchanging - YoY Increase in SEO Conversions

The Founder & CEO of Europe

Shahin Fard founded Bravr in 2006, but he has been a force of innovation in the realm of digital marketing and leadership for over a decade. A self-taught programmer and marketer, Shahin was the youngest member of Sega’s IT management team at the age of 16. Shahin was the sixth member of the team, and was the driving force behind the digital marketing effort that helped the firm win “growth strategy of the year” twice. Shahin leveraged that experience to launch Bravr, as a digital marketing company in London, and has spent the past six years building a digital marketing company that is recognized for it’s performance and innovation by companies around the world.

Shahin Fard, CEO of Bravr Digital Marketing Agency
Aaron Costello founder of Bravr Canada

Founder & CTO of North America

Aaron Costello founded Bravr (Canada) in 2016, to grow the Bravr brand and collaboratively build out Bravr’s global presence.

Driving organisational growth through innovation, strategy and execution – Aaron has been leading and working with the design and implementation of marketing solutions for more than 17 years, with a strong focus on technology and data and a proven history of managing project, client and stakeholder requirements and expectations. Evaluating business and technical requirements, identifying opportunities for improvement and delivering solutions to bring efficiency and generate value.

Aaron has been involved with a number of areas of the marketing industry – Both B2C and B2B with Digital Agencies, Direct Marketing companies, Publishers, Printers, List Managers/Brokers, Data Bureaux and worked with brands covering sectors such as Travel & Tourism, Media, Retail, Financial, Automotive, Manufacturing, FMCG, Charity and Insurance.

Bravr Ethics & Ethos
At Bravr, we encourage each team member to pursue their passions and hobbies, and we fully support them in doing so. Shah leads a racing team that has members in various competitive motorsport disciplines, and our other team members are competitive athletes, authors, and artists.
Hard Work
The team follows Shah’s lead in working harder than the competition to stay ahead. We realize that our clients’ businesses depend on our success in serving them. From dedicated client support, to aggressive production schedules, we dedicate 100% of our abilities and passion to produce positive outcomes.
At Bravr, we believe in transparency and servitude. Rather than pursuing the bottom line in a race to turn a profit, we focus on supporting client needs to the best of our abilities, communicating with the upmost clarity and honesty, and only pursuing a project when we’re confident we can succeed on behalf of the client.
Just like our self-taught leader, Bravr is built around a constant pursuit of knowledge. Marketing is a fast-evolving discipline, and we dedicate a significant amount of time and money to educating our employees and clients on the latest marketing, development, and design trends.
Bravr employees and clients make up a family of individuals dedicated to supporting one another. We’re selective about who we hire or work for, and work to foster great relationships and goodwill through various efforts, such as our annual summer trip, Christmas party, and informal client gatherings.
Our leaders are the brightest minds in their respective areas, and are driven to produce the best possible results. By fully supporting and empowering our team members, Bravr’s leadership ensures great results for every client. When you choose Bravr, you’re adding a true partner dedicated to delivering marketing success.
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