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Boost your Automotive PPC

PPC is like a shot of NO2 to your digital marketing engine. But like the boost in your performance vehicle, automotive PPC requires a good deal of planning and preparation if you want to use it to its maximum benefit.

Automotive industry consumers are more diverse than any other consumer segment. After all, nearly everyone drives a vehicle at some point in their lives. In 2012, there were more than 34 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain.

If you want to take advantage of this massive market, and even larger ones around the world, you’ve got to have a targeted campaign that speaks to the consumer that’s right for your products. This laser focus isn’t easy to develop.

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Precision Engineered PPC

Bravr has been creating and managing PPC campaigns for automotive brands for over a decade, and have been building digital strategies for automotive brands for twice that long. In that time, we’ve developed the skillset that allows us to build and manage some of the most successful automotive PPC campaigns on the internet.

Our unique combination of passion for automotive brands and PPC experience makes us a fantastic partner for anyone in the automotive industry who wants to boost their website traffic.

Our experts excel in precision-engineered PPC campaigns that stretch your budget further than you’ve ever imagined. We drive the highest quality customers to your website and keep your cost per acquisition low so that you can keep moving forward. By focusing on the right demographics, geographic areas, and search phrases, we help you slip past the competition and show up at the top of search results.

Our constant measurement and analysis of clients’ PPC campaigns allows us to measure effectiveness over time, and constantly introduce changes to improve your results. Bravr’s marketing team will keep your website in high gear with effective, targeted, and optimised PPC campaigns.

Search engines are the first place consumers turn when they’re researching automotive brands. Bravr’s extensive experience in automotive SEO has demonstrated to help brands maximise visibility for highly competitive and relevant phrases and terms
PPC is a great way to boost your web traffic and build brand awareness. Bravr’s extensive industry knowledge and in-depth experience designing and managing paid search campaigns makes us a great partner for automotive brands looking to grow their business online
Automotive brands can have a strong impact with consumers through effective community engagement and campaigns. Bravr’s social media team offers an unrivalled level of expertise in helping automotive brands leverage their social media to drive revenue growth
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