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“It’s not work when its something you love.”

Bravr’s CEO Shahin Fard is a petrolhead to the boredom of others around him. Japanese Performance Magazine published an article about a car Shahin built, they referred to him as OTAKU  – roughly translated in Japanese is “people with obsessive interests“.

As an organization this has naturally led to Bravr working with Automotive brands ranging from aftermarket suspension manufacturers to high-end garages who tune/modify cars.

Bravr has both sector experience and knowledge of best practice SEO. This enables us to provide cost-effective Automotive SEO services ranging from on-page optimisation, backlinks and technical optimisation.

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Bravr’s Approach to automotive SEO strategy

Not all automotive brands are the same. Bravr’s SEO team will work with you to understand the unique traits of your brand, your products, and your audience. We’ll use this information to provide you with a highly customised SEO strategy that strengthens your weaknesses while driving maximum impact in your strongest areas.

Bravr’s SEO offering is extremely advanced, with proven results for clients around the world. If you’re already attempting to leverage SEO, we can take your strategy to the next level with a detailed technical SEO audit. We will dive deep into your metatags, URL structure, site architecture, and website HTML to find those small inefficiencies that can be big opportunities for SEO success. We can use the results of our audits to help you shift your SEO campaign into high gear, whether we’re supporting your internal development team or leveraging our internal web development team to get the job done.

Over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Bravr’s experts have forged excellent industry partnership and a deep understanding of the unique needs that automotive brands have in the digital marketplace. We combine our in-depth industry knowledge with unrivalled technical SEO expertise to help you come in first in the digital marketing race.

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Search engines are the first place consumers turn when they’re researching automotive brands. Bravr’s extensive experience in automotive SEO has demonstrated to help brands maximise visibility for highly competitive and relevant phrases and terms in the automotive industry
PPC is a great way to boost your web traffic and build brand awareness. Bravr’s extensive industry knowledge and in-depth experience designing and managing paid search campaigns makes us a great partner for automotive brands looking to grow their business online
Automotive brands can have a strong impact with consumers through effective community engagement and campaigns. Bravr’s social media team offers an unrivalled level of expertise in helping automotive brands leverage their social media to drive revenue growth