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How to stop companies stealing your Facebook data

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If you were concerned by the recent Facebook data scandal, you may want to start thinking about protecting your information on the social media channel, or even deleting your account…

5 Super Quick and Easy Backlink Strategies

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In 2018, backlinking is still one of the most important SEO strategies and has even been confirmed by Google. If you’re new to backlinking you will know how hard (and…

Why Building a Brand is a Great SEO Strategy

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Branding a company can seem rather daunting at times. Making sure that your tone of voice and design style is on point, is something that can take a long time…

Top 5 Marketing Predictions for 2018

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We have never experienced 2018 before. But one thing is certain: There are inevitable changes that we can’t ignore. If you’re still dealing with the holiday bliss and still contemplating…

How To Create Great Looking Social Media Images Using Canva

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Creating social media images can be a harder task than it may appear. Upon the clients requests, you load up Photoshop with the intention of creating a great image that…

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How to write great web content that gets you a good readability score

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We all know that we should be writing good web content to improve your SEO and website engagement, but did you know that you can actually do it wrong? One…


GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

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What is the EU GDPR? The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being introduced as the next level of data protection for the internet users who live within EU….

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How to get engagement on your Facebook page without paying for ads

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Getting engagement on your Facebook page seems to be getting harder as your newsfeed mostly shows sponsored content these days. As much as we love paid Facebook ads here at…

Our Top 6 SEO Predictions for 2018

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2017 has gone by so fast and there has been a lot going on in the SEO world. With massive fluctuations, all the way to the basics of SEO becoming…


How to Effectively Time Manage Your Online Business

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In this day in age, managing your time effectively is one of the most important things you can do. In the majority of occupations, being able to time manage and…

Top 7 Must Have SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

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For an SEO specialist, the essence of the role is to refine and optimise websites. In doing so, you will regularly find yourself doing a lot of repetitive tasks. So…

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Why You Should Avoid Duplicate Content

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Just like in the Matrix, duplicate content can be a really bad thing. For your website, this will hurt your search engine rankings if you have it on your website….

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What is Bounce Rate and How to Lower Your Score

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Bounce rate can often be overlooked in the world of SEO, especially as your typical SEO expert is very busy fixing technical optimisations, building links and more. How a page…

How to Increase the Memory and Speed of Screaming Frog SEO Spider

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Being able to crawl a website to find errors and missing data is essential for today’s SEO experts; no other program does this better than Screaming Frog SEO Spider. It…

what does seo stand for

What does SEO stand for and what does it mean?

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SEO can be very hard to understand, there are numerous angles, challenges and tactics that you can employ when practicing SEO. So, what does SEO stand for? The answer to…


What is Robots.txt and how you can utilise it

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Robots.txt is a standard text file placed within the public root directory of a website, to instruct web robots (typically search engine bots) how to crawl pages throughout a website….

6 Powerful SEO Growth Hacks You Should Be Using to Boost Search Rankings

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Search rankings don’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t have to take 6 months either. There’s no set rule from Google that stops you from getting on the first page within...

Checking your XML Sitemap

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What is an XML Sitemap? An XML Sitemap is a document that assists search engines such as Google, Bing understand a websites content. It allows webmasters to add additional information...

How to Deal with Google Fluctuations

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Google fluctuations can be an SEO’s nightmare, with positions jumping up and down more than a Kangaroo. For many this is worrying because it may show weaknesses in your SEO…

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What Do Frank Sinatra, Mourners and Fake Twitter Followers Have in Common?

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What do Frank Sinatra, fake Twitter followers and professional mourners all have in common? We explore how social imitation works and how it could help explain why people flock to…

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Tips on how to achieve better CTR in SEO

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The importance of click-through rates A common question within the SEO industry is whether organic click-through rate (CTR) impacts rankings. This topic has been debated for years within the industry...
Why should your social media be humanised? background image

6 Ways to Humanise your Brand on Social Media

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Why should your social media be humanised? There’s approximately 2 billion internet users on social media at present, and with this, organic reach has now become the proverbial, ‘needle in...
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Creating Infographics for Marketing

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Many people in marketing these days will tell you that infographics are overused and are not as effective as they once were. This may be partially true but there is…


How to get better Google PageSpeed Insights Score

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PageSpeed Insights is an online tool which helps identify performance related best practice on any given website, it provides suggestions on a webpage’s optimisations, and suggests overall ideas of how...

Why Facebook’s live video

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Why Facebook’s live video is a powerful tool for marketers As the world becomes more connected and more social, brands are increasingly looking to drive growth through transparent, scalable, and…

How to measure social media results without submitting to analysis paralysis

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The debate on the marketing potential of social media platforms is over, and the results are in. Every brand should be on social media, and those who aren’t are still…


Top signs of a good high quality backlink

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As any SEO will tell you, building links towards your website is a massive factor for online success. It not only helps to generate referral traffic but is also a…

Conversion Optimisation

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How to boost your marketing ROI by reducing a single point of friction Conversion Optimisation is perhaps the most important ongoing effort related to your website. So much effort is...

How to link a stylesheet to your HTML Page

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Follow up blog from Junior Web Developer Shahram Zamani’s blog: How to create a simple HTML page. Now you know how to build a basic web page including a <head>...

5 Signs to invest more in social media

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Do you often get told that you should invest in social media marketing? We understand that with this, a few of the following questions spring to mind: How is social…

More than a plugin: How to build and deploy an effective SEO strategy

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In today’s internet landscape, search is king. Desktop and mobile operating systems have made web search the easiest way to find anything online with commands like “Hey Siri”, “Hey Cortana”,…

Oculus rift – Blending the line between real life and a virtual one

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For me, my first exposure to Virtual Reality was a film I watched called the Lawnmower Man. It was one of its kind at the time, and the applications of...

Branded Content – Content Marketing’s next big thing

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Branded Content – Content Marketing’s next big thing There’s no questioning the fact that content marketing is here to stay. Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 trends report states that marketing departments…

Facebook Reactions – what’s it all about?

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Facebook has recently released its new version of the ‘like’ button, named Reactions. For many years, Facebook users wanted the option to express their opinions more without typing an essay…

Team Bravr Supports Children Growing Up In Poverty

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Team Bravr Supports Edukid At Bravr, we take our work very seriously and do our best to help those in need. Last year the team took part in a 5k...

Team Bravr ran to help raise money for Friends of the Elderly

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On Sunday 18th October, Bravr employees woke up early to take part in the Battersea Park fun run to show their support for national charity, Friends of the Elderly. The…

iSuperdrive appoints Bravr

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iSuperdrive appoints Bravr International luxury and supercar hire company iSuperdrive has appointed digital marketing experts Bravr to accelerate is digital offering. iSuperdrive is the world’s only luxury, prestige and supercar...

Mobilegeddon: What you need to know

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Mobilegeddon: What you need to know Today marks the launch of a Google algorithm update that will affect mobile search rankings. Mobile friendly websites will rank higher in mobile searches,…

How to control your social media crisis

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Social Media Manager Laura Hall shares her top tips for managing a crisis using social media A social media crisis is like a wildfire. It can’t be unlit, but it…

10 Great Art & Design iOS apps for designers on the go

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Bravr design experts explore some of the best apps for digital design enthusiasts. Creating design on mobile technology has not always been easy. It has only been through the introduction…

In the Bravr Labs new Car Part Comparison site: Compare.Parts

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Bravr CEO Shahin Fard shares a sneak peek of his exciting new project Compare.Parts and explains why it could be game changer for automotive consumers. Outside of running Bravr, I…

Is digital part of your automotive marketing strategy in 2015?

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Online Marketing Manager Erdal Enver explores the importance of digital marketing to the automotive industry. If you work in the automotive industry, a strong digital marketing strategy has become a…

Top Reasons to Blog for Business

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Bravr’s resident content expert Adilla Parish explores the importance of blogging for businesses. Last month we looked at the history of the blog; where the phenomenon originated and the astronomical…

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

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Junior Web Developer Shahram Zamani explores his favourite WordPress plugins One of the great things about WordPress are the number of useful plugins available to help you optimise your website....

The Top 5 Excuses For Not Using Social (and why they are bogus)

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Is your business still not using on social media? Social Media Manager Laura Hall explores why it’s time to stop making excuses and start getting social. The problem with social…

Filtering your Travel Photographs with Photoshop

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Difficulty: Beginner It can be frustrating when your holiday photos do not adequately showcase the great places that you have visited. In this tutorial I will be showing you how…

SEO pre-launch checklist

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Launching a website? Bravr CEO Shahin Fard looks at some key factors that should be on every pre-launch checklist. Whether you are launching a new website or redesigning an existing…

The Good the Bad and the Disavow

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Cleaning up spammy link profiles has become a priority for SEOs – but could the process be doing more harm than good? Online Marketing Manager Erdal Enver investigates… One of…

The History of the Blog

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In the first in a series on the importance of blogging, Bravr’s content queen Adilla Parish explores this history of blogging. Anyone can blog. Every day via email, social media,…

How to create a simple HTML page

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Junior Web Developer Shahram Zamani shows you how to create a basic HTML page from scratch. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language and is the coding language used to…