has appointed, a UK-based digital marketing agency, to create and maintain its digital platform.  Bravr will support its search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and implementation, content creation and social media marketing on a continuous basis., formerly known as equals3, has been appointed by the hub of Brazil’s best medical providers that is supported by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism.

Brazil Health has been established as the medical tourist’s gateway to world class healthcare in Brazil. With over 20 JCI accredited hospitals, the latest medical technology and highly competitive pricing, Brazil is an excellent choice for medical travellers.

The organisation only works with the best international hospitals and clinics. All medical providers are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are internationally accredited, able to communicate with patients in their own language and also ‘medical travel ready’, meaning they have dedicated departments or staff that are focused exclusively on supporting overseas patients.

Brazil Health is an enterprise on a national scale and the appointment of bravr as the organisation’s online support system demonstrates the trust that the digital marketing agency has built up in the medical tourism sector.

About bravr

Bravr is a UK based digital marketing agency with a global client base across four continents and offices in London and Devon.  Bravr was founded in 2006 to help clients leverage the ever-changing digital landscape and enable them to achieve spectacular growth.

About Brazil Health

Brazil Health is an international medical tourism organisation and website that helps users find the best hospitals and physicians in Brazil, and plan their travels for medical treatment abroad. The website represents Brazil’s continuous commitment to medical tourism and was introduced as a national project for the country.