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What is Digital Content?

Creating high-quality and shareable media is essential to building your brand’s reputation. Content is not directly about selling – it’s about building trust.

Content comes in many forms:

Website content: The text of your website is essentially the voice of your brand. Therefore it is crucial to optimise it for your audience and the services you provide.

Blogging and social media: This is a major part of most content strategies. We excel at creating content that resonates well with your target audience and remains impactful over time.

Multimedia: Videos, podcasts, animations… all of these are fantastic tools to educate your customers on your services. Did you know that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and that 64% of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos?

Email: Sending out email newsletters is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools that allows you to send out personalised offers and news to your customers.

Other: Content is a very extensive area of marketing, and whether it’s creating Infographics, presentations or writing whitepapers – Bravr is here to help.

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of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos
is how much more engagement social videos see compared to text & images combined
of people say they'd like to see more videos from brands this year
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Improve your website traffic

The point is not to have lots of website traffic – the point is to have traffic that converts. By having a well-written website, you will attract the right kind of people to your services, who actually want to know more about your business. Say no to cheap click-bait and false promises of weight-loss by not eating bananas!

Increase brand awareness and reputation

Grab your customers attention and increase their understanding of your brand. We will hep you create the best strategy to trigger the most important factor in marketing: an emotional response from your audience.

Whether you’re looking to improve your SEO or to increase your social media engagement, content plays a vital role in each sector, and we will customise the strategy specifically for YOU.

Increase your social media engagement

Did you know that just sharing a nice picture on Facebook isn’t going to get you noticed unless you write a significant amount of text to go with it?

Most businesses struggle to create original, valuable and engaging content that would become share-worthy on social media. From images to text, here at Bravr, we speak #social, so find out more about our social services here now and let’s make you go viral!

Get your business to page 1 on Google

Isn’t that just every businesses dream? And rest assured that it is very possible! Of course, having a great SEO strategy is essential to improve your search engine rankings, but content is directly related to your results.

You see, Google (or any other search engine, for that matter) likes websites to be written in a clear and structured way. Websites that have a low readability score will fall lower in rankings, kind of like hard-to-read and boring books being shoved to the back of the library shelves.

By optimising your website, making it more user-friendly and by keeping it up to date with new and valuable information through regular updates and blogs, you will stay ahead of your competitors.

Grow your email database

Increasing your list of subscribers is vital to your success as a business. These are people who already know about your product and have actually opted in to receive news from you. In order to keep them happy, your newsletters must be engaging, educational and be visually pleasing and easy to read. Let us help take the pressure off you, we can definitely help you with that!

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Want to know more about content marketing, social media, SEO or PPC?

Do you need some more reasons to get content marketing?

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. (Source)

72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic. (Source)

Why use Bravr for digital content?

Over the past decade, we’ve learned how to create content that consumers and brands love. We’ve hired experts in technical and sales copywriting to complement our core marketing team, allowing us to develop a broad range of content with maximum impact for every client.

Through research and competitive analysis, Bravr’s content creation team forms a deeper understanding of your goals, which allows us to form a solid strategy that delivers value and relevance to your specific audience.