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Today’s digital society has removed the geographic barrier that kept businesses in past decades focused on a single audience. When you launch your brand online, you open yourself up to visitors and clients from around the world. While that can be an amazing opportunity for growth, it also represents very immediate challenges. Your product may have a universal appeal that meets a global need, but the way that you present it, your brand positioning, and the specific language that you use can vary wildly as you interact with audiences who speak languages that aren’t native to you. Many brands make the mistake of converting their copy over to a new language, or using a plugin that automatically changes the copy on their site based on a visitor’s location. It’s not enough to simply localise your content with software or a cheap interpreter. To effectively impact audiences who speak various languages, you need a team that can help you tailor your message for the unique audience represented by each language.

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Bravr’s localisation team can help you develop a unique marketing message and value proposition in multiple languages.

We start with market data. Each language is a demographic audience unto itself, and we work hard to develop an in-depth report detailing the unique traits that identify that audience. We source our data from leading consumer and market research organisations as well as from data performed by our in-house research team. The resulting report will be as informative as the report that built your original marketing strategy, and will serve as the foundation for our localisation efforts.

During the next phase Bravr’s team will focus on reviewing your current value proposition, messaging, copy, and content to identify changes that will be necessary to communicate the same message in another language. We’ll also work with you to develop new messaging and content to address the specific needs of your new audiences and counter any local competitive, economic, or social challenges.

We’ll work with your social and content teams to develop strategies that allow you to engage with your new audience through localised content development and social engagement.

Finally, we’ll develop an ongoing strategy that will allow you to continue to develop marketing messages, social engagement, and effective content.

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As your business scales and crosses regional boundaries, you’ll encounter a new set of communication challenges presented by serving audiences with different cultures and languages. Bravr’s regional interpreters have a deep understanding of cultures around the world, including regions like South America, North America, Europe, East Asia, and India. If you’re looking to expand your presence with a localized marketing strategy we’d be glad to partner with you and support you in your efforts.

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