About Digital Gurus

Digital Gurus is a leading, award-winning digital recruitment agency with offices in London, Dubai and Australia. Having recently expanded, the company required a new website that could accommodate the company’s growing needs.

As a leading recruiter within the online marketing industry, we work with a lot of agencies. We know what makes an agency exceptional, which is why we chose Bravr. Their ability to quickly understand our needs, the expertise of their people and their clarity of vision has made them an ideal partner.

Saif KidwaiCEO of DigitalGurus

The Challenge

Digital Gurus old website was outdated both in design and functionality. As the company had grown, the old website had not been able to scale with them. This impacted the ease and efficiency at which members of the team were able to add jobs to the website. As such, Digital Gurus required an extensive backend system that could handle the business’ growth and provide different permissions and capabilities to the various levels of management and sectors within the Digital Gurus team. This has to be reinforced by a slick, modern design that appealed to candidates and reflected Digital Guru’s position as a forward-thinking, energetic company.

The Solution

In 2014 Bravr took on the challenge to build a scalable solution that catered to the needs of Digitalgurus in the present and future. The site needed to work in the UK, AE and AU each with country specific rules and differences.

Some of the features (but not limited to) includes:

  • Drupal 7 technology
  • Modern on brand design
  • Responsive to mobiles and tablets
  • IP/Location Geotargeting
  • Location based search
  • Keyword search
  • Isotope filters
  • Sliders, type-ahead, keyword tagging
  • Parallax
  • Enterprise level CMS
  • Custom admin interfaces
  • Custom reporting interface
  • SEO friendly
  • APC Cache, Boost, HTML/CSS minification

Post launch the stats were carefully monitored pre-post launch with extremely positive results beyond the clients expectations.

increase in traffic YoY
increase in Avg visit duration
decrease in bounce rate
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