Ecommerce PPC

If SEO is the must-have strategy for long-term ecommerce success, pay-per-click (PPC) is the shot in the arm that helps you move inventory right away. PPC is the greatest innovation in the history of digital advertising, allowing brands to advertise in search results and across the internet and pay for those advertisements only when they generate traffic.

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PPC is a quick way to boost traffic and sales, but it’s not without challenge. It’s easy to fail at PPC by focusing on the wrong audience, using ineffective ad copy, and driving traffic to landing pages that don’t convert well. Great PPC results require thorough research, a solid strategy, and regular tweaks to help you boost your sales.

Bravr helps firms get started with PPC through a full-service research and strategy development service. Our PPC strategy team will find the right search terms, platforms, and advertising networks based on your products, audience, and budget. We’ll develop strong ad copy and landing pages that lead to sales. If you’re not ready to handle it in-house, our PPC management service team will continue to monitor your campaigns, measuring KPIS on a regular basis, testing improvements to copy and landing pages, and delivering detailed reports to your team for review.

Bravr offers a suite of SEO services to meet the needs of brands throughout their development and growth lifecycles. If you’re looking to establish your digital presence, or if you’ve never considered SEO in your marketing strategy before, Bravr’s service is for you
If you’re new to PPC, you need a strategy to maximise potential ROI. Bravr’s team specialises in data-driven campaign design. We perform extensive research when designing PPC strategies to understand your business, audience and competition
To keep your finger on your target market’s pulse, you need a strong social media strategy. Our specialists understand which metrics matter, and deliver reports to you that make it easy to understand how social media strategy is contributing to your bottom line
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