The future of social networking

They took the world by storm with the revolutionary micro-blogging site Twitter, now it’s time to take things to a whole new level, cue Branch. Ev Williams and Biz Stone are leaders in their field, the duo collectively draw on simplicity and connectivity for the world to interact in a charming, unique and innovative way.

Branch aims to tackle many of the issues found on current social media platforms; it is argued that connectivity, very often, is over simplified and lacks the intimacy that we all have around our close friends. The lime-light is often given to either most popular, or the person with the loudest voice rather than the people that you actually want to hear from. The goal of Branch is to have the intimacy and beauty of conversation that you have with your closet friends without the interruption or overshadowing by the domineering personalities.

Branch is a step away from oversimplified engagement, such as the “Like” button on Facebook. It is argued that the “Like” button is a barrier to what otherwise would have be an in-depth and insightful conversation or interaction.

Expect to see some similarities and indeed connectivity to Twitter. There will be a simplistic feel to the website and the interactions you will have are intended to be more personal and private in comparison to Twitter’s public speaking and announcing platform.

Branch is currently available on a invite-only basis; expect a public launch very soon.

See below for the official Branch introductory video.


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