Ecommerce Website Design

If you’re building an ecommerce brand, your website is your store. If it doesn’t welcome customers in, or falls down around them while they’re browsing, you won’t be in business long.

Just like a brick-and-mortar location, your store needs to have a solid foundation and be well-laid out to entice shoppers to browse and buy.

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Bravr’s internal web development team has been the force behind some of the internet’s most beautiful sites, and our experience building ecommerce websites has helped us understand the unique challenges that building a digital storefront creates.

Our team is experienced in every major open source programming language, and our design team is known for pushing technical standards forward with every new project. Our developers and designers work with you from concept to delivery, which allows us to build websites that leverage the latest functionality, drive web standards forward with innovation, and function with complete reliability.

We’re obsessively transparent with every development process, keeping you in the loop throughout the project with detailed design and technical specifications, detailed prototypes, and regular build updates.

Once we’ve built your site we can deliver ongoing stability and support through a robust web hosting service that offers security and great prices for even the largest ecommerce websites.
Bravr offers a suite of SEO services to meet the needs of brands throughout their development and growth lifecycles. If you’re looking to establish your digital presence, or if you’ve never considered SEO in your marketing strategy before, Bravr’s service is for you
If you’re new to PPC, you need a strategy to maximise potential ROI. Bravr’s team specialises in data-driven campaign design. We perform extensive research when designing PPC strategies to understand your business, audience and competition
To keep your finger on your target market’s pulse, you need a strong social media strategy. Our specialists understand which metrics matter, and deliver reports to you that make it easy to understand how social media strategy is contributing to your bottom line
Bravr stands apart from other marketing agencies in large part due to our internal UK-based web development team. We’ve built an expert team of developers and designers who can help you build and maintain your website or web-based platform
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