About iSuperdrive

iSuperdrive was created to bring an end to the arduous task of hiring a luxury, prestige or supercar. Searching for luxury car hire on the internet has turned into a minefield of affiliate car hire sites, which reel customers in with the lure of glamorous stock photos while, in reality, they are little more than a brokerage. Many online luxury, prestige and supercar hire firms actually hold no vehicle inventory of their own. They are simply waiting for customers to fill in a contact form so that they can source a car on the customer’s behalf, taking a cut of the fees. Customers usually end up pressured into getting a car that they are not happy with, for more money and, in the case of complaints or refunds, will spend months fighting to resolve issues or to get their money back.

Founder of iSuperdrive.com, David, knows luxury, prestige and supercars. A professional race driver and instructor, David is also a Director of Premiere Velocity, so he is all too familiar with the existing “affiliate” car hire companies and their failure to deliver. So he set about building the world’s first luxury, super and prestige car hire marketplace. Circumventing the affiliates, iSuperdrive enables consumers to connect directly with multiple high-end car hire companies on one site. On the consumer’s behalf, iSuperdrive, sends requests to multiple vendors to get real-time pricing and results of actual cars available from trusted sources.

First and foremost, David is a car enthusiast and so it made sense for him to turn to Shah, fellow car fanatic and CEO of Bravr, for digital marketing support.

Appointing Bravr was an easy decision for iSuperdrive. From the initial meeting they impressed us with their deep industry knowledge, considerable digital marketing expertise and passion for the automotive sector. We look forward to collaboration with them as iSuperdrive continues to grow.

David RobertsonManaging Director of iSuperdrive

Common Challenges

With our deep industry knowledge, we identified that iSuperdrive’s concept was solid; it quickly started to build traction and had an existing loyal customer base. However, to grow the business, more traffic and better positioning in search engines was required. Search Engines aren’t human, and as such aren’t able to differentiate between the consumer service offered by iSuperdrive and the brokerage services offered by affiliate sites, who resort to grey-hat techniques to dominate the SERPS. Enter the Bravr team, challenged with increasing (i) traffic and (ii) conversion rates for the site.


The first step to any robust SEO strategy is a solid foundation. By applying in-depth, industry-specific analytics, we conducted our extensive SEO keyword research to identify opportunities, optimise existing content and build new content to address identified search term gaps.

Working with the incumbent web development agency, we provided recommendations and the agency, who responded well to our advice, implemented changes quickly. Our experience in web development means that we communicate well with developers, without the client being an intermediary. As a result, we are able to collaborate and create innovative solutions to problems together, gaining optimum results for our clients.

Externally, we identified potential partner sites ranging from car enthusiast sites to luxury magazines and press that could help us to increase traffic to the client’s website. We talked to various luxury magazines to introduce the concept of iSuperdrive and fostered partnerships with companies who had an existing user base. Onsite, we optimised a large proportion of the site based on the research data, and improved visibility across a range of search terms. We also provided revised page designs for the homepage and deeper content pages.

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