About London and Kent Construction

London and Kent Construction Ltd (L & K) was founded by Scott Bennett in 1995. Since then, they have established themselves as a trusted and respected force within the industry, providing residential and commercial construction services in London, Kent and the surrounding areas.

The company prides itself in their provision of high quality services and a broad range of skills while maintaining the friendly, bespoke interaction typical of a local builder. L & K have successfully completed thousands of residential and commercial projects over the years and are considered experts across all areas of building, including new builds, conversions and extensions, kitchen and bathrooms, driveways and roofing.

As the company continued to develop its excellent reputation and a loyal client base, Scott wanted to extend beyond simple word of mouth and decided to capitalise on web-based opportunities. Every tradesperson working for L & K takes immense pride in each job, no matter how big or small and they wanted a website that they could be equally proud of, to market to loyal and prospective customers, family and friends. It was at this time that Scott consulted Bravr.

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Since working with Bravr we've gone from 4-5 calls a day to over 30! They've rebuilt my website and optimised it for search engines. They are a fantastic team to work with continually providing online marketing support. I find myself recommending them all the time.

Scott BennettOwner and Director of London and Kent Construction
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L & K’s online presence was minimal and while they did have a website, it was dated and failed to effectively target prospective clients. At the stage of initial consultation, the firm relied heavily on word of mouth promotion and by appearing on Traders’ directories.

Bravr established that L & K wanted to redesign the website, giving it a fresh, modern look which reflected the company’s expertise and would portray their key values. As well as creating a contemporary aesthetic, we needed to design a platform that could target clients from the London and Kent areas, whilst positioning L & K as a leading local construction company.

Our Solution

Our web development process began with consultation and research so that we can understand the ethos and aims of a business and its target audience; enabling us to create a digital marketing strategy that will increase website traffic and conversions in line with the client’s expectations.

We highlighted several key elements that the new website needed to include in order to stand out within a fiercely competitive industry. Key features included:

  • Strong (and large) images throughout the website to showcase the range of work undertaken by the company
  • Engaging content (written & video)
  • Testimonials to help build trust and secure new business
  • Social Media integration to showcase work and engage with established and prospective clients
  • Local SEO implementation

After in-depth consultation and several iterations, we created a design which met the client’s vision. Bravr’s team opted to build the new website on WordPress, to enable the client to upload their own content and images. We also kept the website as simple and easy to use as possible, to accommodate less technically minded prospective clients, who may be deterred by hi-tech websites. Once the website was built, we went through rigorous testing to ensure that everything was seamless, before launching just four weeks after the project had started.

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Since launching the new website, L & K have reported a positive response and they are continuously promoting and evolving the website to ensure they stay ahead of competitors. The SEO implementation has increased the website’s visibility on targeted search engine phrases that matter to the business, attracting new traffic and increased conversions.

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