London Foot and Ankle Centre

London Foot and Ankle Centre (LFAC) is the largest and longest established treatment centre of its kind in the UK. Founded in 2003, LFAC has a well-earned reputation for finding solutions for the most challenging foot and ankle problems.

With so few specialist providers in the UK, founder and respected surgeon Mark Davies sought to improve treatment standards by creating a service focussing solely upon the foot and ankle. LFAC was revolutionary and today it remains at the forefront of innovation in the field. Its unrivalled success is in no small part due to the expert team of surgeons who continue to exemplify industry standards.

With such a high reputation in the industry, LFAC decided it was time to update their website to reflect their offline presence. They approached Bravr due to high praise from our clients and the long history of successful Web Build projects that incorporate best practice SEO techniques.


Our initial meeting highlighted critical areas of improvement. Some of the biggest challenges highlighted were:

  • Online presence did not represent the high calibre of the business
  • The website’s design was dated
  • The website was not responsive to mobile/tablet devices
  • There was a low presence of calls to action
  • A lack of online contact forms for instant inquires
  • The organisation’s considerable expertise and experience were not adequately portrayed
  • The website felt more like a content hub rather than treatment provider
  • The pages were very text heavy, with low use of visual content
  • The internal linking structure was difficult to use

In addition, we identified several marketing opportunities by expanding the existing light Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activity conducted by an external agency and fine tuning the Paid Search (PPC) campaigns to better suit the goals of the business.


Our strategy was to increase the bottom line by:

  1. Rebuilding the website, incorporating best practice SEO techniques
  2. Setting up report, conversion points and monitoring
  3. Growing presence across networks (SEO & PPC)


The legacy domain was powered by WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems. We recommended that the client remained on this platform as it was a familiar platform for them to use and provided the flexibility to be continually developed.

Call Tracking

From our initial conversations, we ascertained that telephone enquiries were the main source of contact for patients. We therefore recommended a call tracking system to be implemented to the website to ensure that we tracked telephone calls and enquiries accurately. This call tracking technology provides the business with clear statistics on how each centre performs, as well as how well the marketing channels are performing. This data has vastly improved the way the business is marketed and run on a day to day basis.

Technical SEO

As SEO is a key service offering, we ensured that all of the essential Technical SEO elements were incorporated into the development phase of the website redesign project. Separate to the Technical SEO implementation, a wider SEO review was conducted to look at further opportunities. We are now working alongside LFAC to capitalise on further opportunities by building the brand online.


In the final stages of development of the new site, we conducted a full analysis of the AdWords account which instantly highlighted key areas of improvements. The account was essentially rebuilt and launched when the new site was pushed live. Within the first two months the account achieved its highest performing month, higher click through rate and reduced cost per conversion. The ongoing optimisation of both the AdWords account and the website has shown continued improvement to performance.


The legacy website did not accurately track user enquiries; the conversion numbers that were reported to the client were only for people landing on the contact us page. This is not a clear statistic to use when reporting on performance to the client. The new website accurately tracks conversions based on a user enquiring via the online form or contacting the clinics using the telephone tracking numbers. This provides clear analytics for the client to evaluate the performance of the website and marketing activity.

Services Provided

  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • PPC

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