Medical Marketing

Bring your brand’s digital presence to life with Bravr’s suite of medical industry marketing services.

The healthcare market is one of the largest vertical industries in the world, with billions in revenue each year. In the past several decades, legislative changes in various countries have placed increasing competitive pressure on medical brands, making a solid marketing strategy more vital than ever to business success.

In addition to changes in regulations and new transparency efforts, advances in technology have allowed consumers to access healthcare information via the internet, leading to patients being more capable than ever of making informed choices among multiple options for insurance, patient care, and medication. Nearly three quarters of consumers say they’ve looked online for health information, and the use of digital pharmacies and web-based appointment systems grows every year.

medical digital marketing
Of interent users say they looked online for health information whithin the past year
of patients used tablets or mobile devices on a daily basis for research and/or to book appointments
of patients use health information sites for research
say they’d feel more valued as a patient via digital health communications
medical digital marketing

Why choose Bravr to market your medical brand?

Bravr has a strong background in helping clients in the medical industry grow their brands through digital marketing strategies. Our efforts have led to over $1 million in revenue for our clients in the medical industry. Whether you’re looking to educate, innovate, or activate the public, we can support your needs.

Bravr’s experience in the healthcare industry is unparalleled. We’ve worked with clients in the B2B and B2C sectors, serving clients such as Mexico’s largest private hospital network Angeles Health. Our full suite of marketing services have increased international patient flow by 200%. If you’re looking for a digital marketing partner who has experience delivering powerful plans that help brands grow, consider a partnership with the Medical marketing experts here at Bravr.

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