Smiley Little Printer sets out to revive hard copy

Technological trends have been dominated with the digitised form, that is, imagery is increasingly being presented in refined pixelation over traditional forms of print such as ink and paper.

Cue the Little Printer. This friendly looking device is embarking on a tough quest to go against consumer trends and battle up stream towards the traditional forms of presentation. The device prints the latest news stories, friend feeds and personalised notes bringing you the modern feel with a classic feel.

The device works by connecting to your smartphone and prints the materials that you actually need, the news stories that are most relevant and filters out information that you may not need. It is the combination of modern technological behaviours and traditional presentation that makes this a device worthy of all the publicity it is receiving. Today the device was amongst the most popular tweets following it’s recent availability to pre-order.

The question is, is the device an innovation or just an ordinary printer in a cute disguise?

Watch below for the Little Printer in action.


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