PPC Campaign Setup

Once you’ve approved our PPC proposal, we’ll set you up with PPC accounts across the platforms that we’ve chosen together. If you’ve already got an account on a platform, we’ll work with you to manage it and ensure that it’s used in keeping with our PPC strategy.

At Bravr, we focus on the needs and expectations of our clients. We create your campaigns based on your business requirements, prioritising the generation of income at a fixed acquisition cost. This means you know exactly what to expect on a monthly basis and can allocate resources accordingly.

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We will take the information gained in the research stage and apply it to your campaigns, creating campaigns that are highly targeted and effective. This includes tailoring your PPC activity based on the following criteria:

Date and Time

Different audiences are receptive at different times. We’ll help you understand when the best time to show your ads is.


Certain campaigns benefit from a geographic focus. We identify this need and implement it where it makes sense.


We target your campaigns at those consumers who are most relevant to your brand and campaigns.


User behaviour changes depending on the device they’re using. We reflect this in your campaigns by serving appropriate ads to mobiles, computers, and tablets.

Once we’ve put a strategic framework in place, we ensure that it’s supported by an imaginative ad campaign that targets keywords effectively, getting your message across to your audience. We will create the following types of ads to ensure that you reach your target audience:

Brand Specific

The ad will focus on your brand, your expertise, and your reputation.

Product Specific

The ad will detail specific products or services, including promotional offers.

Geographic Specific

The ad will reference specific locations, attempting to cater to users seeking products or services associated with a certain area.


The ad will use effective design to grab user’s attention as they browse websites within the Google Display Network.

We constantly analyse, review, and optimize your PPC campaign. This means constantly improving your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages to create a streamlined and effective user journey. By focusing on the entire user journey, we can optimise your return on investment and create PPC campaigns that will continue to perform over long periods of time.