SEO Reporting & KPIs

Bravr was built on a foundation of transparency, and we’re big believers in using metrics to drive campaign improvement over time. It’s for that reason that we’ve developed a comprehensive KPI reporting standard for our SEO clients. This standard allows us to monitor our clients’ SEO performance over time, make regular optimisation, and deliver monthly reports that are easy to understand and relevant to business decisions.

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There are several key metrics that Bravr focuses on when we measure the effectiveness of an SEO program:
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Keyword Ranking

Each keyword in your plan represents an individual battle to rise up through search results. At Bravr we believe that every effort can be tied to your bottom line. That’s why we calculate the visitors, conversions, and revenue from each keyword in your strategy and rank them. This allows you to see which keywords are the most profitable for you.


While success can never be measured by volume alone, we believe that volume can be a valuable metric when it’s viewed as part of a larger set of metrics. While ranking highly for a term can seem impressive, that success is further quantified by the volume of traffic the term is driving for you.

Brand Ranking

A clear indicator of a solid SEO strategy is when a company’s website dominates the results for searches for their branded terms. This indicates that your brand is becoming more recognisable online.

Over the past several years, searches performed through an HTTPS URL have made it increasingly difficult to track individual keyword performance. In order to continue to tie SEO efforts to revenue, we’ve expanded our metrics to the following KPIs:


While we’ve always monitored sessions as a measure of volume, we now track pageviews to further understand how users progress through your website. We establish targets for each client for a ratio of pageviews to sessions. We keep a close eye on your users flow report as well, which helps us understand which pages users leave your site from, and which pages are the most popular. This data can prove useful outside of SEO, such as in your content marketing strategy.

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Social Performance

We measure social likes and shares to understand the impact that your copy and content has on consumers. This helps us understand how organic search traffic is driving engagement and brand awareness on other platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Many of our clients came to us because they were tired of being unable to prove the effectiveness of their SEO efforts. Our advanced metrics and expert analysis have allowed us to look beyond keyword traffic to build a holistic view of how organic traffic affects your brand awareness, social authority, visitor engagement, and revenue growth. If you’d like to take advantage of our advanced SEO KPI and reporting program we’d love to discuss becoming partners.