Social Media Campaigns

Consumers spend more time on social media platforms than they do on any other app or website. If the age-old marketing principle of “go where your audience is” holds true, then social media is the 21st century’s most lucrative marketing opportunity, and it’s not a close race.

The top social media platforms have each launched full-featured advertising programs, allowing brands to engage users with targeted advertisements in feeds and timelines. Smart brands are also reaping the benefits of earned social media impressions by cultivating their brands on relevant platforms.

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What are earned impressions?

Earned impressions are those impressions a brand gets by participating on a social media platform. Similar to SEO, this organic traffic represents a long-term strategy and can’t be bought. Smart brands are engaging with users around relevant topics and societal issues to keep their brand top of mind while creating positive impressions.

What are paid impressions?

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have proprietary advertising programs that brands can leverage. These programs allow brands to inject paid advertisements in feeds with detailed targeting, including demographic, geographic location, and even profession.

How can social media contribute to a larger marketing effort?

If you’re running a campaign on another advertising platform, social media is a sure-fire way to draw interest to the campaign and drive engagement. Your social media presence should be a part of your overall content strategy, and should constantly function to support your overall message and campaign efforts.

Bravr supports clients’ social media campaigns through effective planning, execution, and measurement.

It’s easy to fail on social media. The major platforms have millions of users tweeting, liking, and endorsing at any particular time, and your message can fly under the radar if you don’t plan effectively. At Bravr, we’ve built an internal team of social media experts who have driven successful campaigns for leading brands around the world.

It all starts with a clear set of goals. We work with you to understand what you’re hoping to achieve with your social media campaign, and how the campaign fits into your overall marketing plan. Here are a few common goals that we help our clients work towards:

  • Brand Awareness: New brands or brands who haven’t leveraged social media effectively in the past often turn to Bravr to build their following on social media. This often starts with an effective campaign that announces the brand’s presence, builds a viral coefficient, and gives fans and followers something to talk about.
  • Web Traffic: Just like any other digital marketing campaign, social media is often used to direct more users to a website. We work with clients to develop content and advertisements that draw users in, and use social sharing features to get website visitors to post branded content to social media themselves.
  • Reputation: Negativity is a reality in today’s digital world. We specialise in helping brands plan and execute campaigns that highlight their sensitive side, while deftly addressing complaints or scepticism.

When you consider using social media campaigns to improve your marketing results, consider the experts at Bravr.