Why should you choose Bravr as your Social Media Agency?

At Bravr, we’ve assembled a team of social media experts with expertise in building awareness, driving engagement, and fostering brand loyalty on social media for B2B and B2C clients. We focus on metrics that matter with reports that make the ROI of your social media efforts and their impact on your revenue easy to understand.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and niche or local sites require specialised approaches, and not every social media platform should be part of every brand’s strategy. We help you focus on the platforms that are relevant to your brand and your target market through specialised social media strategies that align with and support your overall marketing efforts and business goals.

If this isn’t enough, here’s another 8 reasons:

    1. Seven years collective experience in social media professionally.
    2. Trusted by international PLC’s to manage communications.
    3. Trusted by superhero start-ups to help propel their brand.
    4. Transparency, integrity and proactivity is at the core of our business.
    5. We don’t use fake “vanity metrics” to measure our successes- because we don’t need to.
    6. Bravr are full of brand evangelists, we adore all of our clients and like to shout to all our friends about you- especially on social. And what’s better, we know they adore us too, that’s why we have a high client retention rate.
    7. We have offices in London and Vancouver which means for you, we’re able to cover 16+ hours in real-time business hours!
    8. Advanced tools in place for all aspects of social media management from, community management tools to scheduling.
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Our Social Media Services



Bravr can offer a comprehensive audit of your social media- from your social media handles and usernames, imagery alignment, social media integration to engagement rates and even your competitors. All of which will give you, and us a better understanding of where you are and where you want to be. At this stage, there’s nothing to pay… it is completely free!


Content Creation

At Bravr we conceive, conceptualise and create content which is tailored to your brand; your visions, your end goal and your audience! We optimise the content for each social media platform because we understand that not all platforms work the same. Bravr create content which is designed to engage the audience in question alongside the media required to get that extended reach.



While it’s easier enough to post on social, it’s a lot more difficult to get the timing right. And after all, with Social Media, timing is key. If you post at the wrong time, you could get minimal engagement, or worse, a lower ROI. We have all the tools and gadgetry in place to ensure your posts are reaching your audience at the optimal time.


Community Management

This function can if not managed well can be detrimental to the success of your business. At Bravr, we work alongside you, as the client to answer any queries that may come through. By managing your community, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we’re providing your customers with a positive form of customer service which is easily translatable to your bottom line!


Paid Social

Social advertising can be dangerous and a waste of money if a considered approach isn’t taken. Paid social can be used to help increase online conversions and ROI, boost your social presence and/or improve engagement levels. We will tailor our paid social media marketing services to you dependent on your end goals, budget, KPI’s and audience. Bravr will build and optimise campaigns for you on a daily basis to help make your money go further.


Reporting and Analytics

Bravr’s social media team has been using cutting edge tools and insights to help brands measure social media ROI for over a decade. Bravr will work with you to create a custom report which demonstrates our activity throughout the month, what we’ve achieved for you on Social Media, and even how we feel we can improve! All in one handy PowerPoint document!


Social Media Strategy

A thoroughly researched strategy is key to social media success and serves as the foundation for our managed social media packages and consultancy offering. With Bravr as your social media agency of choice, we can craft a bespoke social media marketing strategy crafted to your business: We will use advanced diagnostic and analysis tools, paired with sound research strategies to develop a thorough understanding of your brand, message, and audience.


Campaigns & Consultancy

Here at Bravr we understand that sometimes you just need a helping hand, whether this be to cast our professional eye over your social media and make recommendations with our social media consultancy offering. To assisting you through every step of your latest campaign or competition, helping you to better understand the logistics of how well a campaign may do, how to implement it and most importantly how to measure the success of it!


Event Support

After months, if not years spent planning your latest event, building the products to launch at the event and working on other areas of marketing, social media is often an afterthought. But Bravr realise the potential of a well thought out social strategy around an event. Not only can we help you to gain more visibility and reach at these events, we will be there with you to support and capture the moments that may have been missed with a pre-planned approach.

Last month, for just one of our clients, Bravr achieved:

Facebook Impressions
Audience Increase
Link Clicks from Facebook
Engagements with the Brand

7 Steps To Social Media Success



As a social media agency, Bravr can gauge the true potential of your social media presence which is easily consolidated into an audit document. Think of stage one as a way for Bravr to get a snapshot of your current social media presence- this then gives us the foundations to build on, ready for stage two.

Strategy and Implementation

Based on the findings from our audit, Bravr will create a tailor-made strategy designed especially for you! The strategy will help you, as the client, to understand what content we will be sharing, where, when and even who to. Once you’re happy with what we have proposed, Bravr will get to work implementing it ready for a speedy start!

Content Creation

At Bravr, we create bespoke content designed for your business on a weekly basis. We will allow you to have as much or as little control over what you want your social media to be talking about, either way, it will all be on brand; from tone to images.


As an experienced social media agency, we understand that you may want to see what will be going out on your social media before it does, that’s why we offer a completely transparent system, designed for you to have peace of mind.


Bravr shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers and fans see your updates more often. On top of this, it means that your social media is reaching everyone, even on the weekends when you aren’t at work.

Promote and Grow

Much like anything, the social media platforms are favouring those who pay that little bit to get their post out in front. At Bravr, we tailor our paid approach to you, want brand awareness? We can help. Want more traffic? We can help with that too!

Measuring and Optimising

Here at Bravr, we don’t rely on “vanity metrics”. We report on the statistics that really matter to you and your bottom line. Unlike other social media agencies, Bravr are always striving to help your business, that’s why we’re always working hard to always deliver MoM growth through optimisation and proactivity.
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