About Travangelo

Travangelo is a free and reliable travel search engine that helps people across the world find the best deals for flights, hotels, trips and car rentals. With over a thousand travel agents and around 70 airlines, Travangelo finds the best rates worldwide for customers and prides itself on quality, affordability and customer loyalty.

The challenge

The obvious challenge of launching a fight comparison site in 2016 is the fact that competing websites have been established for a considerable amount of time. Major flight comparison sites have up to 10-15 years lead time on Travangelo enabling them to build authoritative websites that rank well for valuable keywords.

Another challenge is that along with established sites, Travangelo are also competing directly with Google itself. This poses substantial challenges as Google will weight itself more heavily in the search results.

The vast majority of flight comparison sites have also had considerable venture capital investment providing them with media budgets that dwarf Travangelo.


Despite the obvious challenges, here at Bravr we believe in the Travangelo site and devised a digital marketing strategy to compete with the market leaders on a fraction of the budget.

The first solution was to conduct in-depth keyword research to identify any potential quick wins. Our keyword research involved investigating over 60,000 keywords and prioritising them based partly on the client’s preferences, keyword difficulty and potential probability.

We also identified flight routes for which major competitors were not optimising. We analysed all flight destinations from UK airports in order to determine which pages and content we needed create. This exercise alone resulted in Bravr creating over 1,500 flight routes pages from UK airports.

Bravr also worked with the Travangelo team to create compelling content in the form of in-depth travel guides to help visitors find their dream holiday destination.

Bravr also continue to create content and conduct blogger outreach to secure Travangelo coverage on a wide variety of travel platforms and publications.

Solutions – Analytics & UX

Bravr also implemented goal and event tracking to determine monetary values for each key action from visitors. This data provided us with valuable insight into how visitors interacted with the site. From this data we were able to make changes to the overall design and functionality of the site. We worked with the Travangelo team to produce a flights comparison page that increased the number of clicks from visitors looking for deals, which in turn increased the site’s overall revenue.

Bravr and Travangelo’s team continue to work together to implement new website functionality and user-experience to produce one of the best flight comparison sites on the web for visitors.

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