About Trusted Care

Trusted Care is a ‘Trip Advisor’ style website for checked, registered and reviewed residential care homes, nursing homes and home care providers in the UK. They aim to change the way people find care services with their easy to use online directory that provides the information consumers need to make an informed choice about what is best for them or someone close to them.

Trusted Care pride themselves as innovators within the care industry, and aim to change the way the industry operates to improve the care services provided and make it easier for people to find home care or residential care that meets their needs. As part of a long term goal to provide honest reliable information, Trusted Care launched an interactive map showing local care quality, county by county based on industry regulator scoring. The map combines the ratings of Nursing Homes, Care homes and Home Care Providers to give consumers a collective view on local care service provision costs and how many of them are meeting industry standard.

This data has seen high levels of media interest recently with authoritative sources such as the Telegraph citing the data: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/elder/11988560/Costly-care-homes-may-not-be-the-best-league-tables-reveal.html

In the aftermath of this success, Trusted Care understood that appearing prominently on search engines was vital to the business gaining a loyal following and becoming the go-to online location for care services. With this in mind, they approached Bravr, with our long history of successful SEO projects and high praise from our clients, to help them compete in a highly competitive market.

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Mark WalfordFounder and CEO of Trusted Care
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Common Challenges

With their excellent website and credentials, Trusted Care justifiably wanted to establish the reputation as the primary online location for people looking for honest, independent and reliable reviews for care services across the UK. In order to do this, we needed to increase brand recognition and trust, improve the website’s search engine ranking, and increase traffic to the website, as well as conversion rates.


With fierce competition and a late start compared to competitors, gaining traction required a robust digital strategy focusing on big ideas in order to achieve the ambitious targets outlined by the client.

To hit the desired targets, we produced a 12 month strategy that identified how, and where, the target audience went to find reliable information about residential and home care service providers. From this, we were able to look at ways to rapidly expand content across the Trusted Care website. We implemented a high-intensity production of keyword focused, original content, which enabled us to grow the visibility of the domain against key target search phrases and increase traffic from the target audience. If sustained, this approach will

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