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Web Design and Development

Today’s brands are turning to web-based development for more projects than ever before. Websites and entire products are being built to run on the web and take advantage of today’s connected world. As with any other product, a web-based application or website must offer a great user experience in order to succeed. This means that uptime must be maximised, load time minimised, and design optimised to create a seamless and compelling user experience. In the past, web development catered largely to those using computers, which made the development process relatively simple and straightforward. Today’s consumers use computers, tablets, phones, and televisions to connect to and utilise web-based platforms. In order to stand out, a brand’s website and web-based products have to function optimally on a wide variety of devices, browsers, and operating systems, offering a seamless experience on every platform.

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Beauty won’t save a website built on a weak foundation from failure, and great development can’t save poor design. At Bravr, we pride ourselves on offering the best of both worlds. Our internal development team are experts at building robust websites that leverage cutting edge technology to foster great user experiences.

It starts with design, and we stand apart by including our development team in the design process. This allows us to maximise our creativity while ensuring technical reliability and performance in the finished product.

Bravr is proud to have built a reputation for building innovative and responsive web-based platforms and websites on time and on budget.

Too many web development agencies build websites using templates and cookie-cutter components. We believe that every brand’s unique position requires a unique website, and we stand by that with every website we build. Our development team is qualified in all of the leading open source development languages, content management systems, and frameworks, giving us maximum flexibility to deliver according to each client’s needs.

Our core principle of transparency is front and center in our development process, and as a result our clients enjoy full visibility into the development process with regular updates and consultation.

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We’re proud to be a leading web design and development agency in London and around the world. Our web development services have helped brands create great experiences and reach their business goals. Past projects have included:

  • Digital Gurus: A beautiful and responsive design for an award-winning recruiting agency
  • Powerwave: A website leveraging video and other design elements to educate visitors about an innovative fitness product, and a members-only area for owners of the product.
  • London & Kent Construction: A full-featured website bringing a 20 year old construction company into today’s digital age.
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