Mobile Website Design and Development

Having a mobile web presence is a necessity in today’s society. Over 50% of internet users are on a smartphone, and failure to consider their unique needs and user experience could lead to disastrous results.

Bravr’s development team is well-versed in creating great mobile experiences, whether you’re looking for a mobile-friendly website, a native application for iOS, Windows Phone, or Android, or content optimised for mobile devices.

Our robust mobile development frameworks ensure that your unique functionality can be delivered through native experiences on phones and tablets regardless of device manufacturer or operating system. We use the latest programming tools to build these applications without you needing to budget for a from-scratch build on each operating system.

Bravr’s team includes experts in mobile development, UX, design, and marketing. We offer an end-to-end approach to mobile strategy, allowing you to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by mobile users through a single partnership.

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Mobile Strategy

Bravr’s expertise can help you develop and implement a comprehensive mobile strategy.

As always, we start by working with you to build an understanding of your business, your message, and your audience. This allows us to develop a proposed mobile solution that fits your needs, your users, and your budget.

By truly understanding your business, your needs, and who you’re trying to reach, we can help you develop a strategy that makes effective use of mobile websites and native applications on a variety of platforms.

Mobile Websites

Our in-house web development team can help you build a website that works across traditional and mobile browsers, offering a great user experience regardless of operating system, browser, or device.

Websites that don’t render properly on smartphones and tablets immediately alienate 50% of internet users. As the number of mobile internet users increases each year it becomes increasingly vital that a brand’s website functions across a variety of browsers, operating systems, and screen sizes. In addition to the formatting challenges posed by mobile, websites must adjust their functionality to support the touch-based interfaces found on mobile devices. Our development team has successfully built responsive websites for over a decade, and would be happy to partner with you on yours.

App Design

Today’s mobile users expect advanced functionality, great user experiences, and reliability. We help our clients design applications that offer all of these keys on a variety of mobile platforms.

App Development

Our development team is capable of building applications for every major mobile operating system, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Each mobile platform is built on a distinct programming language, known as native code. We’re experienced in all of these programming languages, which means that we can develop native applications for each of the major mobile platforms. Native applications have a distinct advantage over non-native apps in terms of performance, reliability, and functionality.

Our use of advanced development frameworks allows us to reduce the time needed for each platform’s version, drastically reducing development time and costs.

Our development process includes an initial prototyping stage, which allows you to see the app we plan to build in action before you incur the full costs of development.

Prototypes and Testing

Once an initial concept is approved, our team develops a set of testable prototypes that allow you to visualise our proposed solution. This helps us create a refined experience that meets your standards without incurring significant development costs up-front. Once a prototype is approved, we get to work writing the program and deploying it on the platforms of your choice. Our development process is in line with our core principles, meaning that you can expect full transparency and regular updates as we work on your project.

We engage in regular and thorough testing of our mobile applications throughout the development process and prior to release in support of our high quality standards. This allows us to catch bugs early, ensuring time savings and a faster development process.