Web Development Services

Bravr’s UK-based web development team is extremely qualified, with over a decade of experience deploying high-profile websites for successful brands. Whether you’re just starting out online or looking to improve current efforts, our strategy, design, and development experts can help you build advanced and reliable websites and web-based products.

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Web Development Strategy

We help you stand out in a competitive online world by developing a comprehensive digital strategy. We work with you to perform in-depth market research and competitive analysis, while building and understanding your brand and offering. We help you develop technical and design specifications, build and test prototypes, and develop your website or web-based product, utilizing leading technologies and programming languages.

Specification & Prototyping

The early stages of each of our web development projects involve creating a detailed design and technical specification document. We’ll work with you to detail the look and feel, user experience, core functionality, key integrations, and limitations of your platform. Once specifications are approved, we build detailed prototypes so that you can visualize your ideas before we ramp up development. This process allows us to begin each project with a firm design, which allows us to complete projects on-time and on-budget.

Web Design

Today’s internet is entirely too competitive for bland websites or products. We don’t use cookie-cutter modules, designs, or code bases. Instead, we build each project with it’s own unique flair, which communicates your brand’s individuality and marketing message. We’ll help you design user experiences that encourage engagement and conversion and take advantage of today’s most advanced web technology.

Website Coding

The best websites are worthless if they’re unstable or slow to load. Bravr’s internal web development team is qualified in leading open source development languages, and has built a reputation on building websites that offer advanced functionality without sacrificing reliability. We involve our development team in the design process early on, which allows us to address performance in our specifications and prototypes.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Every page and piece of content on your website should be designed to influence and encourage user action. That action varies depending on the section of the marketing funnel you’re targeting, and can be an email opt-in, a trial registration, or a purchase. We help you design and place appropriate CTAs, and use advanced behaviour tracking tools to measure how visitors interact with your site. The data we gather allows us to adjust your layout and content over time to drive more conversions, improving your revenue growth.

Web Hosting

The reliability and security of your website relies heavily on where you host it. Our hosting services allow you to easily deploy your site on a secure server that offers a high level of reliability and uptime. Our managed hosting services allow you to partner with us to monitor your website’s performance, protect against attacks, and respond in real time to any issues that arise.