Website Design and Development Strategy

Today’s competitive digital landscape leaves no room for bland, cookie-cutter websites. If you want to compete, you’ve got to develop a website that serves as the main hub of your digital presence, aligned with your offline branding and business goals. That’s why we’ve developed an in-depth development strategy to provide our clients with high-quality websites.

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We begin each web development project with in-depth research. We start by listening to you, to learn about the following key items:

  • Your brand: What’s your brand identity, and how are you perceived in the marketplace?
  • Your offering: What do you deliver to clients? Is it a physical good, a software product, or a service?

Once we’ve spent enough time with you to feel comfortable in these two areas, we then perform research on two other highly important topics:

  • Your audience: Who is your ideal target customer? What are their browsing and purchasing habits? What are their unifying characteristics?
  • Your competition: What are the alternatives to your product? How are they positioned, and how do they communicate value to your audience?

Once we complete this second phase of research we will then have a clear understanding of the four factors that affect how you structure and design your website- your brand, your offering, your audience, and your competition.

Design and Specifications

With all of our research data in hand, we work with you to build a comprehensive set of specifications for the project. These specs cover two key areas:

  • Technical specifications: What functionality, integrations, and limitations are at play? Commonly addressed items in this area include whether or not the website works on mobile, key features of the website, limitations such as security protocols, and integrations with third party platforms, APIs, or plugins.
  • Design specifications: This section covers your expectations for the look and feel of the website, which sections will be included, the URL hierarchy, and other design considerations.

These specifications are a core part of our development process. They allow us to complete our projects in a timely manner without budget inflation.


Once we have an approved set of specifications in-house, we go to work building a visual prototype of your website. This prototype will take all of the information in the design specifications and create a visual representation of the final product. This allows us to flesh out the finished product in a way that’s easy to evaluate prior to beginning the core development process. Our clients love this stage of the process because they can see what they’ve been talking about come together in front of them. Clients often make changes at this stage that otherwise would not have been possible until the testing period, leading to increased development costs.

Active Development

We take the prototype and specifications and get to work building your website. We perform regular testing throughout the project, which allows us to catch bugs or inefficiencies early on thereby lowering overall development costs and time to completion. We deliver regular updates to each client so that you know what has been completed on the project and how well we’re adhering to the production schedule.

Deployment and Maintenance

Our deployment process is designed to be simple and seamless. We’ll work with you to get the website deployed to the public and keep a close eye on it for a period of time in case of any unforeseen issues. Because of the constantly shifting nature of the internet, we offer ongoing maintenance packages that allow clients to trust us with the regular adjustment and upkeep of their websites after they’ve been deployed.

Bravr’s web development process is designed to offer innovative products on time, on budget, and with full transparency from start to finish. If you’re considering building or updating your website, we’d love to be your web development partner.

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