Website Coding

The most visually stunning website will crash and burn if it’s not built on a solid code foundation. Bravr’s web development team has built a reputation for delivering robust, seamless websites that translate great web design into a great user experience with total reliability.

Development Integration

At Bravr, we involve the development team in the design process. They’re at the table when we’re writing your design specifications, and heavily involved in building your prototypes. This unique level of involvement from our development team allows us to push the envelope with innovative design and functionality while maintaining site reliability.

We make our development team available to you during the brainstorming process so that you can easily vet your ideas for viability. This prevents time being wasted on impossible functionality, and often leads to creative approaches that wouldn’t be possible without the presence of a technical expert.

Identifying Customer Needs

Too many web development teams use the same code base and methods on every project. This makes it easier to turn out projects with speed, but introduces heavy sacrifices to functionality and design. We understand that brands are looking to establish a unique identity online, and strive to develop one-of-a-kind products for every client.

Your unique combination of identity, offering, and audience drives a very unique set of needs. We realise that the structure and technical foundation of an e-commerce site, a community-based site, and a blog are all very different.

Bravr’s development team is qualified in every leading open source development language, content management system, and development framework. This rare combination of expertise means that clients can trust Bravr to build their website on the best possible code foundation.

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Communication is Key to Success

As with every aspect of our work, we keep our clients involved at every step. We offer full transparency, regular project updates, and key insights into the progress of development work. We believe that peace of mind is just as important as great design, which is why our development team keeps you in the loop as we progress through your build.