About Xchanging

Xchanging is a world-leading provider of business process, procurement and technology services with offices across the globe. They are the third largest procurement outsourcing provider in the world and are considered the operational backbone of the London Insurance Market, counting all the members of Lloyds of London and the International Underwriting Centre as customers.

Xchanging selected Bravr as their digital marketing agency in 2011 to provide SEO, social media and PPC services with the aim of growing Xchanging’s web traffic, broadening awareness of the organisation and increasing online conversions.

Bravr offer intuitive and compelling digital marketing solutions in complex areas. Their professionalism, reliability and diligence identify them as our chosen digital business partner. We look forward to working in conjunction with the Bravr team on a series of challenging projects to grow our online presence.

Jason ShirleyGroup Head of Brand, Xchanging PLC

Common Challenges

As a multinational company with a broad service offering, Xchanging needed to communicate different messages to different audiences while still presenting a unified approach that would help them to build brand equity.

Xchanging have also been undergoing a major organisational change, transforming from a business model based on a few large enterprise customers to one based on a broader range of customers from a wider range of sectors. Our approach had to reflect this change, helping Xchanging to target new sectors as the business evolved, as well as continuing to convey Xchanging’s core values.



Following and in-depth keyword and competitor analysis, we were able to identify that Xchanging was not ranking for many significant keywords relating to its services offering. Based on these findings, we created and implemented an optimisation strategy for each of Xchanging’s webpages. This included liaising with Xchanging’s SEO team to ensure site architecture, URL structure, meta data and tags all conformed to SEO best practices.

Bravr sustained this strategy by providing on-page content optimisation as well as a promotion strategy for Xchanging’s content, supported through social media efforts. This encouraged the cultivation of relevant, high authority backlinks.


Xchanging aimed to increase brand exposure through PPC approach, which encompassed not only paid activity on major search engines but also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our focus was global. Xchanging was growing its global presence and its PPC activity needed to reflect this. We created highly targeted campaigns across Xchanging’s key locations, generating exposure in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

We created over 50 campaigns for Xchanging with hundreds keywords within hundreds of ad groups within each campaign. Each campaign also had extensive negative keyword lists. This extensive approach allowed us to generate the highest quality, most relevant traffic to Xchanging’s ads.

Social Media

Procurement and insurance are notoriously technology-resistant sectors and this was reflected in our gimmick-free approach to Xchanging’s social media.

Our focus was on establishing Xchanging as a thought leader across the organisation’s various sectors. Key to this strategy was segmenting activity by sector and ensuring the creation of regular, on-topic content that reflected Xchanging’s excellence across its key sectors.

We created dedicated profiles for each of Xchanging’s industries and worked closely with Xchanging’s PR and communications teams to ensure there was a reliable, relevant and timely release of content for promotion across relevant social media platforms.

Identifying internal and external advocates was key to fostering Xchanging’s online community. We created social media profiles for key players within Xchanging, allowing the organisation to reach out and engage the target audience on a more personal level. We also developed good working relationships with relevant journalists, bloggers and publications and industry commentators through the medium of social media.

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