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Bravr’s expert designs specialise in pixel-perfect perfection and the latest in web functionality.

Specification & Prototyping

Whether you’re working with us on a website or a mobile application, it’s important that the finished product meets your needs and expectations. It’s for this reason that we’ve developed a stringent prototyping standard for development.

Once we’ve worked with you through the initial planning phases, we develop a semi-functional prototype of your completed project that you can review and approve prior to us beginning development work. We build two types of prototypes:

Site Wireframes

Where necessary, we develop complete wireframes for website build. These wireframes simulate the finished project and allow you to see the requirements fully fleshed out in a visual manner. While these wireframes are not actual web pages, they approximate the finished project to a degree that you can feel confident that what you see is what you’ll get.

Application Prototypes

Our application prototypes are built using advanced simulation software that lets us develop a virtualised version of your application that you can navigate using a computer or mobile device. This allows you to experience the visual design and user interface before any development work is performed.

Once you approve your prototype, we begin development of your technical specifications. These specifications detail the feature and functionality requirements for your project, and help you and our developers understand the complete breadth and scope of the project in great detail.

The core purpose of a technical specification is to document your project’s requirements in detail. This document explains the functions that your application or website must support and any required or desired limitations. It serves as a record of our collaboration with you, our agreed scope of work, and your acceptance of our design and architecture.


The technical specification also provides protection for you, by helping us limit cost inflation as the project progresses. Here are some of the key components addressed in our technical specifications:

  • Interfaces: The specific graphic user interface of your project- often supported by the approved prototype
  • Functional capabilities: Specific features that will be developed, such as support for certain file types, responsive design, etc.
  • Performance: The capabilities and limitations of the finished product to perform under various stress loads
  • Security: Any encryption or other security requirements
  • Scalability: The ability of the finished product to handle increased load over time
  • Quality: A detailed description of quality standards for the finished product
  • Limitations: Limitations placed by on the finished project by budget, other requirements, or design. For example, an iOS application won’t work on mobile phones from other manufacturers.

Our prototyping and specification process is extremely in-depth and regimented. This allows us to ensure complete compliance with your expectations, a reliable development timeline, and a stable project budget.


Website Coding

The most visually stunning website will crash and burn if it’s not built on a solid code foundation. Bravr’s web development team has built a reputation for delivering robust, seamless websites that translate great web design into a great user experience with total reliability.

Development Integration

At Bravr, we involve the development team in the design process. They’re at the table when we’re writing your design specifications, and heavily involved in building your prototypes. This unique level of involvement from our development team allows us to push the envelope with innovative design and functionality while maintaining site reliability.

We make our development team available to you during the brainstorming process so that you can easily vet your ideas for viability. This prevents time being wasted on impossible functionality, and often leads to creative approaches that wouldn’t be possible without the presence of a technical expert.

Identifying Customer Needs

Too many web development teams use the same code base and methods on every project. This makes it easier to turn out projects with speed, but introduces heavy sacrifices to functionality and design. We understand that brands are looking to establish a unique identity online, and strive to develop one-of-a-kind products for every client.

Your unique combination of identity, offering, and audience drives a very unique set of needs. We realise that the structure and technical foundation of an e-commerce site, a community-based site, and a blog are all very different.

Bravr’s development team is qualified in every leading open source development language, content management system, and development framework. This rare combination of expertise means that clients can trust Bravr to build their website on the best possible code foundation.

Communication is Key to Success

As with every aspect of our work, we keep our clients involved at every step. We offer full transparency, regular project updates, and key insights into the progress of development work. We believe that peace of mind is just as important as great design, which is why our development team keeps you in the loop as we progress through your build.

Mobile Website Design and Development

Having a mobile web presence is a necessity in today’s society. Over 50% of internet users are on a smartphone, and failure to consider their unique needs and user experience could lead to disastrous results.

Bravr’s development team is well-versed in creating great mobile experiences, whether you’re looking for a mobile-friendly website, a native application for iOS, Windows Phone, or Android, or content optimised for mobile devices.

Our robust mobile development frameworks ensure that your unique functionality can be delivered through native experiences on phones and tablets regardless of device manufacturer or operating system. We use the latest programming tools to build these applications without you needing to budget for a from-scratch build on each operating system.

Bravr’s team includes experts in mobile development, UX, design, and marketing. We offer an end-to-end approach to mobile strategy, allowing you to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by mobile users through a single partnership.

Mobile Strategy

Bravr’s expertise can help you develop and implement a comprehensive mobile strategy.

As always, we start by working with you to build an understanding of your business, your message, and your audience. This allows us to develop a proposed mobile solution that fits your needs, your users, and your budget.

By truly understanding your business, your needs, and who you’re trying to reach, we can help you develop a strategy that makes effective use of mobile websites and native applications on a variety of platforms.

Mobile Websites

Our in-house web development team can help you build a website that works across traditional and mobile browsers, offering a great user experience regardless of operating system, browser, or device.

Websites that don’t render properly on smartphones and tablets immediately alienate 50% of internet users. As the number of mobile internet users increases each year it becomes increasingly vital that a brand’s website functions across a variety of browsers, operating systems, and screen sizes. In addition to the formatting challenges posed by mobile, websites must adjust their functionality to support the touch-based interfaces found on mobile devices. Our development team has successfully built responsive websites for over a decade, and would be happy to partner with you on yours.

Prototypes and Testing

Once an initial concept is approved, our team develops a set of testable prototypes that allow you to visualise our proposed solution. This helps us create a refined experience that meets your standards without incurring significant development costs up-front. Once a prototype is approved, we get to work writing the program and deploying it on the platforms of your choice. Our development process is in line with our core principles, meaning that you can expect full transparency and regular updates as we work on your project.

We engage in regular and thorough testing of our mobile applications throughout the development process and prior to release in support of our high quality standards. This allows us to catch bugs early, ensuring time savings and a faster development process.

Need help with your Website?

We offer a wide range of Web Design and Development Services.

Whether it’s a brand new site, a redesign or a website rebuild we build beautiful, purposeful websites that both engage and convert your customers. With our high-end hosting and extensive SEO experience, your website build will perform well for both users and search engines. 

We take the stress out of ongoing management and/or maintenance of your website through our cost-effective website management service. 

Bravr’s web development team is qualified, with over a decade of experience deploying high-profile websites for successful brands. Whether you’re just starting out online or looking to improve current efforts, our strategy, design, and development expertise can help you build advanced and reliable websites and web-based products.

Today’s digital landscape is more competitive than ever, and clients are using advanced devices with blazing internet connections to interact with websites. They expect flawless user experiences, innovative features, and total performance reliability. If your website fails to leverage advanced functionality, loads slowly, has compatibility issues, or just isn’t visually compelling, you’ll have a hard time driving business from digital traffic.

Bravr has developed a comprehensive web hosting service that meets the needs of today’s businesses while adhering to strict quality and security standards.

We make it easy to build, deploy, and manage your website with our full suite of web design, development, and hosting services. 

Over the past decade, we’ve learned how to create content that consumers and brands love. We’ve hired experts in technical and sales copywriting to complement our core marketing team, allowing us to develop a broad range of content with a maximum impact for every client.

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