In-house Web Development and SEO


With both our SEO and Web Development team under the same agency, we’re able to optimise and implement a highly effective e-commerce SEO. We work closely together which makes us proactive in optimising and performing changes to your site quickly and efficiently.

Keeping that perfect balance of high-quality design whilst also being technically structured and optimised for search engines is why Bravr is the right agency for all your e-commerce SEO needs.

In 2016, we successfully launched MeisterR UK and MeisterR USA and optimised their SEO through our tried and tested e-commerce strategies. Within the first weeks of trading, both websites generated record sales.

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SEO Site Structure


A majority of online retailers rely on traffic generated by search engines to sustain a steady flow of sales and to display their website to shoppers looking for specific products. The unique site structure of an e-commerce site can make or break your SEO strategy.

For the best results, e-commerce SEO requires an experienced agency, such as Bravr, with both in-house Web Development and technical expertise.

Help customers find you by targeting the right keyword terms


Every great SEO strategy starts with great research. You want to know every search term that your audience is searching for when they’re hunting for products that you sell.

Bravr’s SEO team uses advanced techniques and tools to make sure that your SEO keyword list is focused, relevant, and profitable.

We also create traffic and conversion projections so that you can easily estimate the impact of your SEO efforts.

Don’t let your competitors rank higher than you


Technical SEO is a vital part of e-commerce site development, and our in-house development team has over two decades of experience helping sites build and optimise for search engine compatibility and ranking.

We’ll help you optimise your URL structure, HTML, and other technical factors so that they positively impact your search rankings.

Improve your positioning by evaluating existing product pages


Even the best websites need a periodic review. We offer a comprehensive SEO auditing service that will review your on-page and technical SEO efforts, your keyword focus, and your keyword competition.

We’ll build a strategy that will help you improve your current rankings, abandon terms that are delivering irrelevant traffic, and take advantage of new terms to drive customers to your site.

Bravr offers a suite of SEO services to meet the needs of brands throughout their development and growth lifecycles. If you’re looking to establish your digital presence, or if you’ve never considered SEO in your marketing strategy before, Bravr’s service is for you
If you’re new to PPC, you need a strategy to maximise potential ROI. Bravr’s team specialises in data-driven campaign design. We perform extensive research when designing PPC strategies to understand your business, audience and competition
To keep your finger on your target market’s pulse, you need a strong social media strategy. Our specialists understand which metrics matter, and deliver reports to you that make it easy to understand how social media strategy is contributing to your bottom line
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