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Your websites authority is a strong ranking signal.

If you don’t naturally have high authority, link building can help build authority to your site or money pages. 

SEO Link Building

After wasting thousands of pounds on link building websites,  directories, brokers, and being dissapointed with the quality of the sites and content, we decided to bring link building in house. 

Over the last ten years we’ve developed a link building service that works and results in step changes in visibility.

Yes, you can buy links cheaper than us, absolutely, there are link brokers who will spam your inbox with false promises of pole position, snakes on Fiverr selling you spam links, and a huge array of “blogger outreach services”. Do these options work? In our experience… No. 

As an SEO-focused digital agency, we have a responsibility to act in our client’s best interest, whilst the majority of link-building services you buy online are cheap, they don’t work. 

Our clients quite rightly demand results, so we built the service in-house, and we’re proud to say it works really well… 

Here are some of the differentiating factors of our link building service vs others: 

  • We recommend the appropriate anchor text for your links based on relevancy and difficulty. 

  • We only work with publishers with a strong metrics e.g. Ahrefs DR 30+ with Organic Traffic and relevant ranking Keywords.

  • We only work with publishers with a strong metrics e.g. Ahrefs DR 30+ with Organic Traffic and relevant ranking Keywords.

  • We check historic metrics avoiding sites built specifically to sell content + links

  • Content is written for humans by humans, we do not use AI generated content.

  • We build topically relevent links from sites as close to your websites theme as possible.

  • Where possible, we will try to build links from similar geo.

  • We do not build links from domains where you have links already (duplicate domains). 

  • We do not use any private blog networks (PBN's)

  • We do not use link insertions, blog roll links or any other grey/black hat strategy.

  • We avoid link brokers, we prefer direct relationships with publishers. 

  • We check all links against a database of blacklisted sites to ensure we aren't building links that can negatively impact your website. 

  • We follow search engine guidelines and operate within their guidelines (in case you are reading this Google...)

Hire a Link Building Pro

Boost your authority

Get in touch with our outreach team to discuss your link bulding needs. 

We appreciate that we aren’t the cheapest, however we’re confident that both the quality of the content and placement is far higher. 


from £300

We provide high authority backlinks through manual outreach. 

Our approach is more akin to PR than your run of the mill traditional backlinking. 

We build links from sites that are both authorities and topically relevant. The content we publish is  topically relevant to you including a permanent dofollow link.


from £400

Adult Sites tend to employ grey/black hat techniques to manipulate search engines. Whilst some of these techniques work, the gain is short-term and can risk penalising a domain. For a throw away affiliate site, that may not be an issue, however for an Adult site that has invested into building a brand, these type of SEO techniques are risky. 

Since working in the Adult Space we’ve launched a link building service specifically target at this sector only. 

Frequently asked about Link Building

Below are some frequently asked questions around our Link Building Service. If there is a question you have which isn’t answered below, please get in touch

Link Buliding is practice of getting other websites to link to your website.

This is important because it helps increase your website authority with search engines, and it also helps drive traffic from other websites.

There are many different techniques that you can use for link building, and it’s important to choose the right ones for your business.


A backlink is an inbound link from another website. 

When another website links to yours, it’s essentially giving your site a vote of confidence.

Search engines use these “votes” as signals when determining where to rank your website in search results.

The logic goes like this: if a popular and reputable website is linking to your site, then your site must be pretty good too.

The best links for SEO typically have the following attributes:

  • High Authority and Reputable Domain
  • Dofollow (they are configured to pass value to you)
  • The website links to you is topically relevant
  • The content where your link appears is contextually relevant

Backlinks have been a major ranking factor with search engines for some time now and there is no sign this is likely to change.

Search engines have developed ways to measure all the links from other sites linking to yours to help decide how to rank your pages

They can understand several factors including popularity and trust.

For example,

You could have created the most amazing site on the web, but if no one is talking about you, mentioning you and linking to you this will be perceived as unpopular so don’t expect to rank for much if anything at all.

Websites with high levels of trust and authority are normally large corporations and trusted news outlets. Being mentioned on one of these sites with a link will go a long way in Google’s eyes as they will start to take notice as you are effectively friends with the big players.

Not all links are treated equally, some links will give more benefit than others to your site. Care should also be taken when building links as they can even be toxic, so best to use a professional link builder who can weed out the good from the bad.

Link building has become big business over the years with many people claiming they can deliver amazing links and guarantee rankings which is completely false and should be avoided at all costs.

SEO Authority is a metric used to measure the overall visibility and ranking of a website.

Domain authority is a good indicator of the ability to rank for a competitive keyword. A brand new website with little to know history isn’t going to be able to compete with a well-established site that has gained a high reputation and links  from other high authority sites.


Domain Rating or DR is a metric created by an SEO tool called Ahrefs.

This score provides site owners an indicator of their strength in comparison to other websites in their database.

Simply put, how relevant is the page to the type of keywords you are hoping to be visible for?

Creating well-written content that makes you subject matter experts is the direction you should be thinking of going in. 

This isn’t a one-answer-fits-all. The outreach process has many steps and the biggest variable is the authority level of the site you are hoping to build the link with.

Lower authority links can be turned around within 1 month from beginning to end.

High authority links can take longer due to forming a good relationship with site owners and the negotiations on topics etc. However, building high authority links is often worth the additional time needed as they offer a much higher SEO return.

Header tags are used to give page structure which is handrail for both visitors and search engines alike.

Each page should consist of just one H1 Heading, this should be keyword optimised.

Nested under the H1 can be H2, H3, H4 etc

It is best SEO practise to make sure the H1 Heading isn’t the same as the page title.

A referring domain is the domain where your backlinks / inbound links are coming from. 

A backlink is the individual link from a referring domain.

For example. We have 10 backlinks from Wikipedia across different wiki pages,. In SEO terms that would count as 1 (one) referring domain, and 10 (ten) backlinks.

From an SEO perspective generally increasing referring domains is more important that increasing the number of backlinks from a single domain. 

Need help with your SEO?

Bravr’s professional SEO services are perfect for companies in London looking for local SEO companies, or for companies around the world looking to establish or improve their digital marketing strategies. Our SEO services have driven clients to the top of search results, and have earned perfect 100% ratings in independent audits.

Bravr is ready to help whether you’re looking to outsource your SEO to a partner or augment your internal team. 

Our SEO consultants can help you perform research, build your strategy, or improve your current efforts.

Keyword research is the foundation of any great SEO strategy. We develop highly relevant keyword lists that are in sync with what your target audience is searching for. 

An effective keyword strategy is the core of any successful SEO strategy. 

Link Building provides high quality dofollow links from authorative domains with ranking keywords.

Each link is hand built through content placement/PR style activity working with top publishers in your sector. 

Inbound links are linked to authority, and without a strong authority your website won’t rank. 

Need help with the more technical aspects of SEO, such as URL optimisation or creating a proper sitemap? Our in-house team of SEO Pros’ can make sure your site loads quickly, works well across devices, and is crawler friendly.

Bravr provide bespoke packages based on your exact needs, removing anything that is superflour or won’t “move the needle”.

If you are interested in learning about the art and science behind SEO, our friendly Director Shahin Fard has been optimising sites for 19 years! He offers 1-2-1 training on SEO or in a class room setting. Once you get Shahin going, its hard to find the off switch! he knows his stuff and is passionate about SEO. 

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